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Welcome to The Bane of Dalgalan Main Wiki Page!

This is my first module created in Pathfinder and a great exercise in dedicating some of Paizo’s excellent lore to memory. For those who wish to incorporate this adventure into their sandbox style campaign feel more than free.


This module is based mostly set in the underground Halfling metropolis of Dalgalan, the Spore Complexes, and the Derro infested Darklands.


All major NPC will be detailed in the “Characters” tab.


I will be publishing maps of Dalgalan, and other major locals though feel free to suggest more padding for this module in the for of Underdark-esk encounters by emailing me at

Adventure Log

I will be posting the progress of my own adventuring party in the “Adventuring Log” tab. From what I here, I will be a bard, cleric and alchemist. Can’t wait.

Main Page

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