Essel's Lament

Dear Brave Andoran,
As you read this, know I am a brave individual with a great deal of adventure in my past. My name is Essel Brenwort, the youngest brother of the Lord of Dalgalan. I know you may be taken back by this but I can assure you, the city does exist.

This letter is being carried by one of my sons, he will guide you to the entrance of our humble city. I can only trust that my son has found a noble and trustworthy individual who will keep this information from those who would abuse it.

In the past few weeks those returning from the one of our spore complexes, our main source of food, have slipped further and further into insanity. I have studied the arcane and medicine for a few years now and there is something quite strange about their ailment. Nothing within my fields of knowledge can explain this madness and our time is running out.

I can award you a great deal of wealth and treasures not seen to your world in decades if you should help in solving this mystery and perhaps ending this endemic.

If interested, follow my son here to the entrance of the city, he will send for my brother Roscoe Brenwort who you will meet behind our family tavern, The Budding Brew.

If not, please destroy this message and deny the existence of this encounter so that my people may be spared from those who would enslave us.

Keep our city free and safe friend. I hope that you do the right thing.

Guil dulutane sig thibu nis balant rilldi. -Essel Brentwort

Essel's Lament

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