The Halls of Dalgalan are concealed in the foothills of the Menador Mountains, hidden for many decades away from the powerful slave trade of the Cheliax Empire. For countless years the Halfling populace have thrived under the earth, caving out their stone metropolis from the soil, and harvesting the fungal bounty of their propagated tunnels.

However, Dalgalaners have recently returned from one of these growths in a state of insanity and a rising minority of lunatic residence wander the streets. The Lord of Dalgalan, Dietmar Brentwort, denies the rumors of this endemic that are whispered in the pubs of his kingdom. He continues to enforce Dalgalan strict policy of isolationism, in fear that their homeland will be discovered by the cruelty of the Cheliax people or any other outsiders.

The adventure starts when our heroes happen upon a frightened Halfling, claiming residency of Dalgalan. Will our heroes solve the mystery of the Bane of Dalgalan? Will these innocent Halflings be saved? The choice is yours in this addition to any Pathfinder DM’s sandbox style campaign.

Introduction: Underhill

Act I: Enter The Depths

Act II: Mysterious Babble

Act III: Spores in Flame

Act IV: The Upheaval of Madness

The Bane of Dalgalan